La foire de la photo in Bièvres

This is a Polaroid 100, Milaysha fall in love for it, it's a kind of old model of instant picture camera. It's nice and seems to work, we just have to find the working paper now.

This is a old kodak brownie (1939), 4 presets openings, one shutter spead, and that's all :)

All the treasures I found :), they are all done, some in 68, some in 82... will see which kind of effects we can get.

This is my best (or at least the one I am the proudest) buy of the day, a Kowa 6, it's like new with 2 lenses (85 and 150) and a hand grip. The slow speed seems to not work so well on the 150 (slower than 1/8s looks kind of very long). But it's still very nice overall.
I will show you results as soon as I have (and it should be soon, because I really really want to try it).

And the last (and the least :p) a broken Zenit... It was very cheap and I want to see how it work inside :)