Le rocher des aigles

Si vous passez du coté de Rocamadour, je vous recommande vraiment de faire une petite étape au rochet des aigles, c'est très impressionnant.


Kowa 6 and ORWO NP27

Here are two pics of my first roll with my brand new Kowa6, the film is an other one of the old ORWO NP27. I develloped it by myself, it's kind of very under developped...



And once again a pic of Milaysha with my fetish camera, the Canon A-1.
Done with an Ilford Delta 400 and developped at NationPhoto.


Somewhere in the Drome

This pic was taken last week-end somewhere in the Drome, I didn't knew this region, and I have to admit that I really liked what I saw.

And now, the pic... ok, I have to say I am not totally happy with it... I put too much randomness in the process....

It is taken with a Kodak Brownie Pliant Six-20, and the film is an ORWO NP27.

I got the Brownie two weeks ago at the Bièvre photo exibition, it look in a pretty good state, but there is some marks on the lens that I couldn't clean. It very simple, there is only 4 apertures and one shutter speed (betwen 1/50 and 1/100) and one bulk opening. It's working with a 620 film, I found one, but I still have to find a way to put a 120.

The film is done since 1968, I didn't knew I should have overexposed it when taking the pics. Its nominal value is 400 ASA and it was develloped at 1600 ASA (the process is made by NationPhoto, they always do a very nice job).


Inside view of a Reflekta II

Since I have it, I have some problems with the trigger of my Reflekta II. From time to time, I can't press it anymore.

Last saturday, I spoke about that problem with a guy at the Bièvre photo exibition, and he told me that I should open it and try to clean the things, because it's an old mecanism and except that there should not be any problem.

Here I go, I open it last thuesday, and that the optical and shutter inside view.


La foire de la photo in Bièvres

This is a Polaroid 100, Milaysha fall in love for it, it's a kind of old model of instant picture camera. It's nice and seems to work, we just have to find the working paper now.

This is a old kodak brownie (1939), 4 presets openings, one shutter spead, and that's all :)

All the treasures I found :), they are all done, some in 68, some in 82... will see which kind of effects we can get.

This is my best (or at least the one I am the proudest) buy of the day, a Kowa 6, it's like new with 2 lenses (85 and 150) and a hand grip. The slow speed seems to not work so well on the 150 (slower than 1/8s looks kind of very long). But it's still very nice overall.
I will show you results as soon as I have (and it should be soon, because I really really want to try it).

And the last (and the least :p) a broken Zenit... It was very cheap and I want to see how it work inside :)


Eiffel tower in 6x6 with a Dacora

My mom got this camera for her first communion, it's a very simple camera with two speed, three focus possibles and three diaphragm opening.

It comes in a very strong leather case, in a still very nice state.

And the pics look.... so old :)


Lomography Fisheyes

First try with my brand new Lomography Fisheye

And first home made devellopement, there is a lot of trash on the film, but hey, it's a try!


premier essai avec le Reflekta II

Mon sujet de prédilection, Milaysha :)

Une photo prise avec mon Reflekta II (trouvé au festival photo de Chelles), c'est un vieux 6x6 en assez bon état, il y a une petite fuite de lumière au niveau du pas de vis du pied, mais avec un peu de scootch et la sacoche en cuir, il n'y parait pas.


quelques photos prises avec le Canon A-1

C'est un appareil très agréable à utiliser et vraiment complet.

Je ne savais pas trop ce que ça allait donner sachant que j'ai refait moi même les joints pour la lumière (ça semble être le point faible de ce genre d'appareils, avec le temps la mousse se dégrade).

Les deux sont prises à l'occasion de mon PACS. Comme ce sont deux portraits, la profondeur de champs est très courte (ouvert à 1.4), la focale est de 50 et la pellicule est une Kodak Gold 200 ASA.

longue absence

Et voila la raison de mon absence, une passion nouvelle pour les appareils photos argentiques, de collectes en tests et de tests en essais... le temps passe si vite.